Iowa Basement Tapes #17 10-25-18

Night Listeners of 98.9FM KFMG –

Dude, October is coming to an end! I hope everyone has been enjoying the Halloween season to the fullest potential. Tonight was our last show for October. The next time you hear my voice it will be November. I can’t say much will change around here. I will still be playing the best in the heartland’s alternative music but Iowa Basement Tapes is in the process of syndicating to other stations across the state of Iowa. It has been something that has always been in the works and I hope more music is discovered along the way.
Tonight I spin tunes from Iowa City’s Milk Duct Tape who does a cover of Blue Oyster Cult’s “Godzilla”, Sioux City Pete, Samuel Locke Ward, The Vahnevants and Sires. Make sure to check out all the bands on their respective pages and if you miss the live broadcast you can check out the archives on iTunes.

– Kristian Day

  1. Milk Duct Tape – “Gojira” / Gojira (Iowa City)
  2. Sioux City Pete and The Beggers – “Farmlands” / Necro Blues (Sioux City)
  3. Person Whale – “Boogeyman” / Last Train Out Of Dogtown (Des Moines)
  4. Goldblum’s – “My Dad’s In It” / Gnat Bones (Des Moines)
  5. Mister Clean – “Meter Maid KIller” / Screaming Queens and Chicken Wings (Cedar Rapids)
  6. Land of Blood and Sunshine – “Gravel Chapel” / AEONS ( Marshalltown)
  7. Samuel Locke Ward and the band They Could Not Hang – “The Harvest” / Country & Western Funeral – The Lame Years Vol. 10 (Iowa City)
  8. Steve Reverb & the Sound Tones – “Creature from the Black Lagoon” / Tiki Run (Marion)
  9. Captain Three Leg – “High Tail” / All Fours (Ottumwa)
  10. Dangtrippers – “Maxwell’s Demon Box” / Days Between Stations (Iowa City)
  11. The Vahnevants – “I Saw a Ghost” (alt version) / I Saw a Ghost (Des Moines)
  12. Hot Carl – “Human Pharmacy” / It Hits the Sauce (Dubuque)
  13. The Huns – “Fugitive from Love” / Rednecks Under the Moonlight (Iowa City)
  14. Sires – “Colorbook” / Soul For Sale (Waterloo)

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