Crypt TV Releases Bath Bomb!

The world has changed a lot over the last ten years. When I started out making films there was really no home for short films except for the film festival circuit. They were created as a way for future directors to show off their skills. Now in 2018 short films have found a home in the streaming service world. Crypt TV is a horror streaming service started by Eli Roth (director of Hostel).
A handful of friends from Iowa as well as some buddies from my days of working on The Bachelor got together for a one day shoot in Los Angeles back in February.  From that one day shoot came Bath Bomb. A less than 3-minute long Bed Bath and Beyond commercial gone horribly wrong. On multiple levels, it was a very hard film to make. A 12 hour day became a 14 hour day. The film was shot in our DP’s home. The bathroom itself was very small so only the DP could be in there with peewee dolly. I’ve also heard that the walls are still a little pink. There was no audio guy on set. A primitive scratch track was recorded on an iPhone. So everything you hear I had to create in my home studio. I spent a month pulling out my hair and hitting my head on a table.

Watch Bath Bomb on Crypt TV!

Complete cast and crew details can be found the official Bath Bomb IMDB page: 

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