Iowa Basement Tapes #10 9-6-2018 | Guest: Luke Dickens

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It’s September and it is our tenth week on air. Who could have imagined I could keep this up for this long? Most of my friends can’t, but that’s OK. This week I have Luke Dickens on the program who recently opened the doors to his own record shop in the Beaverdale neighborhood in Des Moines called Vinyl Cup. Luke brings a playlist of tunes that I have never played on the show before. I felt like the odd man out as he and studio manager Gary Monte connected on their mutual love for Catfish Keith. Luke’s choices are a breath of fresh air, although I disagree with him on the idea that William Elliot Whitmore is underappreciated… especially among his lady fans. So to offset his playlist I spin some tracks from Captain Three Leg, Broken Ones, and Fetal Pig. Also, a long forgotten band called Beef Wellington from Cedar Rapids makes their debut tonight.

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  1. The Tape Beatles – “Listen to the Radio” / A Subtle Buoyancy of Pulse (Iowa City)
  2. Metal Sam – “Fair Town Theme” / Fair Town Soundtrack (Des Moines)
  3. Fetal Pig – “Hear Me” / 1996 Cassette EP (Des Moines)
  4. Beef Wellington – “Canker Worm” / Tender & Juicy (Cedar Rapids)
  5. Broken Ones “Like You” / Broken Ones (Des Moines)
  6. Captain Three Leg – “Creeper” / 4 Way Split (Ottumwa)
  7. William Elliot Whitmore – “Old Devils” / Animals in the Dark (Keokuk)
  8. Catfish Keith – “Sweet Honey Hole” / Honey Hole (Davenport)
  9. USAUSA – “But, Good Riddance to Those Poor, Poor Memorials” / USAUSA (Iowa City)
  10. Eufórquestra – “Instant Coffee” / Fire (Iowa City)
  11. The Candymakers – “Nothin New” / Ridiculicious (Quad Cities)

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