Iowa Basement Tapes #13 9-27-2018

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September is over! What happened? I feel like I have been all over the place and I am in the midst of three commercial shoots happening out in Pella, IA (is there punk rock in Pella?). I went from assistant directing a really expensive proof of concept in Arkansas to producing and managing three corporate projects. I really just want to enjoy the Halloween season right now.  Speaking of Halloween season, over the next few weeks I will be playing tunes that are little grimmer. You bet there will be some Horrors and Afterdarks, but baby there is so much more out there. Iowa never ceases to amaze me. Jack Meggers is also finally bringing that grocery sack of Mason City tunes so stay tuned for that next week.

Tonight  I spun some classic tunes by The Buzzards from Iowa City, Spy Morale doing a cover/tribute to the late hardcore act, Sorry Excuse, and I close out with Aseethe playing a turtle speed version of Black Sabbath’s Rat Salad (just an excerpt because I don’t believe in filler). I also discovered my first band from Solon, Iowa, Uncle ‘Na Anteaters.

Can I also ask if there is any no wave punk from Iowa? Something that sounds like Lydia Lunch, early Sonic Youth, or The Birthday Party? #askingforafriend

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– Kristian

  1. Captain Three Leg – ‘How Much is that Meat?” / Split with Vanishing Cities (Ottumwa)
  2. Captain Three Leg – “Disturbing the Piece” / Split with Vanishing Cities (Ottumwa)
  3. The Afterdarks – “Black Cat” / Rock N Roll is Dead (Quad Cities)
  4. Steve Reverb & The Sound Tones – “The Horror at Party Beach” / Tiki Run (Ottumwa/Cedar Rapids)
  5. Mold – “Margin” / Mold (Cedar Rapids)
  6. Nalani Proctor – “Wandering Heart” / Wandering Heart (Keokuk)
  7. Huxley Maxwell – “Lavender” excerpt / Across the Cartoon Smoke (Des Moines)
  8. Milk & Eggs – “Cowboy” / Milk & Eggs (Burlington)
  9. Goldblums – “Bad Weather Bad” / Gnat Bones (Des Moines)
  10. The Buzzards – “She’s The One” / Three On One (Iowa City)
  11. Lipstick Homicide – “Paper Route” / Isn’t It Glorious (Iowa City)
  12. Spy Morale – “Sorry Excuse” (Mason City)
  13. Uncle ‘Na Anteaters – “I Wanna Be Happy” / I Wanna Be Happy (Solon)
  14. Lick It Ticket – “Mula Bandha” / Mula Bandha (Cedar Falls)
  15. Red Throb – “I’m on Fire” / Bend Over, Here Comes (Iowa City)
  16. Fidgit Noise – “Doer Down Dead” / Fidgit Noise (Iowa City)
  17. Aseethe – “Rat Salad” excerpt (Black Sabbath Cover) / Rat Salad (Iowa City)

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