Iowa Basement Tapes #14 10-4-18

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October is finally here! If you have been listening to the show for a while, you know that I drop a lot of samples from movies at the beginning of episodes. Most of them come from horror films like Return of the Living Dead, Trick Or Treat (the one with Gene Simmons), and whatever else one might be sitting in my office when I am working on the show. Horrors movies always seemed to go hand in hand with punk rock and metal for me.
Anyways tonight I dug out a tape from this super obscure artist named Sky Carrasco. I purchased her cassette, Dark Pines, several years ago from Record Collector in Iowa City. Her music is made up of violin, ukulele, and drums. I highly recommend checking it out. On the heavy side of things, I got some CR Dicks, X-Ray Mary, and an old-school punk jack from Mister Clean. I want to also point out the last track on tonight’s playlist was the closest thing I have to hair metal. Geardown from Humboldt, IA plays a medley of hair metal tracks into one epic ballad.

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PS. If you are into horror movies, pick up the October issue of Cityview Magazine for my cover story on Dick Klemensen who has been publishing his magazine Little Shoppe of Horrors in the basement of his Des Moines home for 45 years.

  1. CR Dicks – “Black Lazer” (featuring Frequency & Gearslut) / Black Lazer (Cedar Rapids)
  2. X-Ray Mary – “Chuck Norris Must Die” / Manzilla (Ottumwa)
  3. Goldblums – “Ghost Glasses” / Gnat Bones (Des Moines)
  4. Brutal Republic – “The River” / East Side Window (Fort Dodge)
  5. The Brown Note – “Keep It Live” / Better Than Music (Cedar Rapids)
  6. Sky Carrasco – “Dew Drops” / Dark Pines (Iowa City)
  7. Mister Clean – “Crack House Mary” / Screaming Queens & Chicken Wings (Iowa City)
  8. The Autumn Project – “Track 2” / This We Take With Us (Des Moines)
  9. Larry Myer – “Earth Song” / So Far Unfinished (Havlock)
  10. Spectral Aeons – “Beckon the Void…” / Hymns to the Ashen Skies (Cedar Rapids)
  11. Captain 3 Leg- “Return to the Space Hole” / Return to the Space Hole (Ottumwa)
  12. GearDown – “Heavy Metal” / Still Tryin’ (Humboldt)

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