Iowa Basement Tapes #16 10-18-18

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We are half way through October and I am in the mood for blues. My buddy Buffalo Bonker brought me a pile of Iowa blues tunes and I’m going to dig into them with Scarlet Runner from Gilbertville and The Graveyard Blues Band from Cedar Rapids (there is also rad avant-garde jazz band from Lansing, MI called Graveyards that everyone should check out). I also met a stone mason who talked to me about the Iowa metal and punk scene of the 80s. He talked a lot about Voodoo Gearshift which made me finally want to check them out. I also got Sioux City Pete with a song from Necro Blues (I had to omit the title).

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– Kristian

  1. Sioux City Pete & The Beggers – “(Title has been censored for your health)” / Necro Blues (Sioux City)
  2. The Afterdarks – “Malia Nurmi” / Rock N Roll Is Dead (Quad Cities)
  3. Scarlet Runner – “O’Mine” / South Chain Gain (Gilbertville)
  4. Captain Three Leg – “The Amish Meat Scandal” / Sci-Fi Fish Fry (Ottumwa)
  5. 149 Dead Marines – “I Don’t Like You” / Basement Demo 1984 (Cedar Falls)
  6. The Huns – “Gorilla” / Rednecks Under The Moonlight (Iowa City)
  7. Voodoo Gearshift – “Three in a Row” / Voodoo Gearshift (Iowa City)
  8. Graveyard Blues Band – “Mississippi Bound” / Iowa Blues Vol 3 (Cedar Rapids)
  9. The Wych Elm – “French Dance Hall Fire” / Woodward (Des Moines)
  10. Red Throb – “I Feel Alright” / Bend Over, Here Comes (Iowa City)
  11. Honky Tonk Overlords – “Sorrowful Future” / Sci-Fi Fish Fry (Ottumwa)
  12. Person Whale – “The Sun is Gone” / Ghost Balloon (Des Moines)
  13. When Bitter Spring Sleeps – “From Soil To Stars” / Star-Thrown (Cedar Rapids)

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