Iowa Basement Tapes #20 11-15-2018 Road Trip with Dylan Sires

Night Listeners of KFMG & KCOE –

This is our first road trip show! 90% of this weeks episode was recorded while driving in a minivan to Madison, WI with Dylan Sires (of the band Sires). We blast through a lot of tunes originating from the Cedar Valley, something I haven’t done in a while. Bare with us, the sound quality is questionable at times because… we are in a minivan. If you miss the live show, be sure to check out the archives on iTunes.


  1. Captain Three Leg – “Kool Aid & Crayons” / Split with Mean Dave (Ottumwa)
  2. Brooke Straus – “Pair of Dice” / Acid Casual (Iowa City)
  3. Twins – “Take That Gurl” / Square America (Waterloo)
  4. Miracles of God – “Don’t Try” / O What a Wonderful Day (Iowa City)
  5. The Beat Strings – “In the Night” / Fang In Rain (Waterloo)
  6. Sioux City Pete & The Beggers – “Blues on the Northern Plains” / 8 Songs (Sioux City)
  7. The Slats – “Teena” / Pick It Up (Waterloo)
  8. Holy White Hounds – “Laserbeams” / Sparkle Sparkle (Des Moines)
  9. Red Throb – “*&@(&# my Gun” / Bend Over Here Comes (Iowa City)
  10. The Envy Corps – “Wires and Wool” / Dwell (Ames)
  11. Peas & Carrots – “Obligator” / Strangers (Cedar Falls)
  12. Anthony Worden – “That’s All” / Ideal Conceptions of the Beautiful and Good (Iowa City)

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