Iowa Basement Tapes #21 11-22-2018 Happy Thanksgiving

Night Listeners –

Happy Thanksgiving! If you are one of our listeners from KCOE in Cedar Rapids, we have a ton of tunes from your neck of the woods. Digging through the crates we got an old demo from ol’ Will Whitmore of his tune “Gravel Road”. This was ripped directly from the cassette that was mailed to Brad Adita for the Another Day In The Air compilations. I also got new newer tunes from Peanut Ricky, Huxley Maxwell, and Waverly. This playlist was crafted for those who are chilling in their food coma and just want everyone to leave them alone. Jack Meggers will be joining me next week to discuss Mason City’s once-thriving alternative music scene.

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  1. Goldblums – “Black Comb” / Drug Window (Des Moines)
  2. William Elliot Whitemore – “Gravel Road” / Early Demos (Keokuk)
  3. Waverly – “Tea Leaves and Telepathy” / Fledgling (Iowa City)
  4. The Roughhousers – “Old Oak Tree Garage” / Woodchip Soul (Cedar Rapids)
  5. Fidgit Noise – “My Momma’s Movin” / Fidgit Noise (Cedar Rapids)
  6. Soviet Dissonance – “Here to Stay” / Highway to Hills (Cedar Rapids)
  7. Honky Tonk Overlords – “Bandana Thrash is Fing Stupid” / SciFi Fish Fry (Ottumwa)
  8. Huxley Maxwell -“Candy Colored Hydra” / Bummer City, Dude (Des Moines)
  9. Milk & Eggs – “Buddy Brown” / Milk & Eggs (Burlington)
  10. Peanut Ricky – “Bad Luck” / I Am Not OK (Iowa City)
  11. The Goon Squad – “Meat Therapy” / The Goon Squad (Iowa City)
  12. Wheel and the Fence – “Emperor Moths” / Wheel and the Fence (Cedar Rapids)
  13. The Slats – “The New Moonshine” / Pick It Up (Cedar Falls)
  14. Miracles of God – “Cult” / O’ What A Wonderful Day (Iowa City)
  15. Brooks Strause – “Golden Dawn” / Acid Casual (Iowa City)

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