Iowa Basement Tapes #22 GUEST: Jack Meggers on Mason City Grunge

Night Listeners,

This week I am in the KFMG studios with studio manger Gary Monte interviewing filmmaker Jack Meggers about his life in Mason City during the grunge era of the 90s. We play his band Ming’s Daughter as well as fellow northern Iowa bands Todd’s Neat Futons and Sorry Excuse. Jack left Iowa for fifteen years and returned in 2014 where he was reintroduced to Iowa’s music scene. He brings on a handful of tracks that have inspired in creatively since returning to the state.

Listen to us on 98.9 KFMG – LP Des Moines and KCOE – Coe College Cedar Rapids. Catch up on the archives via iTunes.

  1. Waverly – “Stop This” / Fledging (Iowa City)
  2. The Bends – “3AT” / Live at Gabes 04-30-2003 (Cedar Rapids)
  3. The Roughhousers – “Feed You’re Standing On” / Woodchip Soul (Iowa City)
  4. Ming’s Daughter – “Marathon Prophet” / Demo (Mason City)
  5. Todds Neat Futons – “?” / Demo (Belmond)
  6. Sorry Excuse – “?” / Demo (Mason City)
  7. Dylan Sires & Neighbors – “Good Ol Boy” / Someone (Waterloo)
  8. Love Songs For Lonely Monsters – “Ganglion Sister” / Love Songs For Lonely Monsters (Des Moines)
  9. Condor & Jay Bird – “Lightbringer 5” / God Wants Us To Do What God Wants Us To Do (Quad Cities)
  10. Mint – “Confusion” / Chemical (Des Moines)
  11. Dylan Sires – “Get You” / Previously Unreleased (Des Moines)

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