Iowa Basement Tapes #23 GUEST: Adam Groves/Deerslayer on the Cedar Rapids Punk Scene Part 1

Night listeners –

Tonight I played part one of my interview with former Cedar Rapids native Adam Groves. He played bass and sang in the PeePee’s, Wheel and the Fence, and Brazil. He is also the artist behind one of my favorite musical acts, Deerslayer. He currently resides in Singapore so when I recorded him it was 11AM CST but it was 11PM Singapore time. The quality is a little rough at times as I was capturing it from my iphone. I did my best to clean it up but there is a lot of background noise. He talks about the Cedar Rapids music scene from 1996 through 2006. Lots of incite from his days with The PeePees, Brazil, and of course Deerslayer.

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  1. Wheel and the Fence – “Emperor Moth” / Wheel and the Fence (Cedar Rapids)
  2. The PeePees – “American Tourister” / How We Do It In Ghetto Land (Cedar Rapids)
  3. Brazil – “Church” / Love Lost Her Job Today (Cedar Rapids)
  4. The Horrors – “Every Inch Of My Love” / Split with The PeePees (Cedar Rapids)
  5. Wheel and the Fence – “Equal Parts” / Demo (Cedar Rapids)
  6. Deerslayer – “Music Table 01” / Music Table (Cedar Rapids)
  7. Deerslayer – “Music Table 05” / Music Table (Cedar Rapids)
  8. Deerslayer – “Music Table 06” / Music Table (Cedar Rapids)
  9. The PeePees – “Chicken City” / Live From The Slums of CR (Cedar Rapids)
  10. Deerslayer – “Musc Table 07” / Music Table (Cedar Rapids)
  11. Deerslayer – “Music Table 03” / Music Table (Cedar Rapids)
  12. Brazil – “Eyelights” / Love Lost Her Job Today (Cedar Rapids)

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