Iowa Basement Tapes #9 8-30-2018

Night Listeners of 98.9FM KFMG –

As you are listening to this I am up in the far northeast corner of Iowa in the town of Lansing. I never thought I could drive 4 hours in one direction from Des Moines as still be in Iowa, well I found the one place that I could. I am here producing Jack Megger’s short film, The Burial. Its been nearly four years in the works and we are finally here. Jack is originally from Mason City and has a pile of his own basement tapes that he is giving me to digitize for a future show.
Tonight, I have replaced our opening movie sample with a track from The Tape Beatles, tape collage group from Iowa City. They might be replacing Deerslayer as a weekly “must play” on a temporary basis. Their material reminds me a lot of Negativeland or a more commercial version of Aaron Dilloway. I also have a new track from Forest Lonefight’s (The Maw) new solo album, Tend to the Soul.  From the world of Iowa doom, I have tunes from Son of the Morning, Dead Emperors, and Mr. Nasti (doom pop, but still doom). For all my 319 listeners, I got two tracks from the music world of the late Mathew Davis (Brazil & Ten Grand).

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  1. The Tape Beatles – “The Grand Delusion” (excerpt) / The Grand Delusion (Iowa City)
  2. CR Dicks – “Unnatural” / Go In (Cedar Rapids)
  3. Radio Moscow – “Escape” / Brain Cycles (Polk City)
  4. Forest Lonefight – “Tend to the Soul” / Tend to the Soul (Des Moines)
  5. Squidboy – “Proud Days” / Illiterati (Des Moines)
  6. Gonn – “Blackout of Gretely” / Blackout of Gretely/Pain In My Heart 45rpm (Keokuk)
  7. Fetal Pig – “Inside the Pyramid” / Autopia (Des Moines)
  8. Robert Valente – “Looking For Blood” / No Hype (Iowa City)
  9. Son of the Morning – “The Midwife” / Son of the Morning (Des Moines)
  10. Brazil – “Eyelights” / Love Lost Her Job Today (Cedar Rapids)
  11. Ten Grand – “Lets Wreck the Van” / Live at Che’s Cafe (Iowa City)
  12. Dead Emperors – “Double Speak” / Ancients (Iowa City)
  13. Mr. Nasti – “Like A Wild Animal” / Truth Sound (Fairfield)

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