Iowa Basement Tapes Broadcast #3 7-19-18

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We made it to week three. That’s impressive at least to me. Tonight we played some tunes and we talked with John Huffman of The Autumn Project, Mantis Pincers, and Karen Meat. We discuss growing up in Fort Dodge back in the 90s as wells all of the music projects he has been involved in.
I recently discovered a super rad punk band that was around in Decorah in the late 70s called The Dogs. Discovering new music is always exciting, but discovering a band from a very small town in your home state that is several decades past their existence makes my head explode. I want to track down some of these guys and have them on the show.

Speaking of guests on the show, John Huffman came on to talk about his introduction to DIY music back in Fort Dodge/Otho and what lead to the formations of both The Autumn Project and Mantis Pincers. Plus we end the show with a never before released track from a project John and his wife have called Pussy Willow.

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IBT Playlist #3

  1. X-Ray Mary – “Vincent Price and His Zombie Girls” / Manzilla (Ottumwa)
  2. The Dogs – “Teen Slime” / Rot N Roll (Decorah)
  3. Emperor’s Club – “Sham Sham” (Iowa City)
  4. Head Candy – “Mesmerized” / A Few Works After Drinks Comp. Vol 5 (Quad Cities)
  5. The Brown Note – “Set Sail” / Better Than Music (Cedar Rapids)
  6. David Hearn – “Forgotten Road” / Forgotten Road (Fort Dodge)
  7. The Autumn Project – “Four” / La Luna De Negra (Des Moines/Fort Dodge)
  8. The Autumn Project – “Song One” / This We Take With Us (Des Moines/Fort Dodge)
  9. Mantis Pincers – “Dracula’s Casserole” / Mantis Pincers (Des Moines)
  10. Mantis Pinchers – “Berlin” / Mantis Pincers (Des Moines)
  11. Pussy Willow – “Untitled” (Des Moines)

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