Iowa Basement Tapes Broadcast #4 7-26-18

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July is coming to end! Coeds are moving back to college and towns like Iowa City, Ames, and Cedar Falls are slowly coming back to life.  Tonight we open with my homeboy’s SIRES and their song “My Everything” which just rips my face off every time I hear it. It’s from their album Soul For Sale released on Station 1 Records back in 2016.
I pulled a few tracks from the first two Iowa Compilation LPs that South East Records put out back in the 80’s. Listening to these two records is a good reminder that Iowan’s have known how to shred for many decades. Snuck in some Deerslayer to tie the show together. I am going to try and get an interview with the mastermind behind this project, A. Stanley Groves who was also a member of Brazil, The PeePees, and Wheel The Fence.
Anyways, I am off to Montreal for a few weeks.

Goat Hails

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IBT Playlist #4

  1. SIRES – “My Everything” / Soul For Sale (Waterloo)
  2. Captain Three Leg – “257” / 3516 (Ottumwa)
  3. The Wych Elm – “Ballad/Beat Combo” / Woodward (Des Moines)
  4. Stone Wakening – “A Thought”/ It’s Another Iowa Compilation – Uncharted Territories (Cedar Falls)
  5. Luxury – “Bible School” / EP#1 (Des Moines)
  6. Deerslayer – “AZ Pink” / Infinite Island (Cedar Rapids)
  7. Mr. Nasti – “Caught Up in the Hype” / Mr. Nasti (Fairfield)
  8. 23 Lies – “A Pale Blue in the Muddy Grey” / It’s Another Iowa Compilation – Uncharted Territories
  9. Hot Carl – “Now I Want To Be A Martyr” / It Hits the Sauce (Dubuque)
  10. House of Large Sizes – “One And A Half On A Hill” / The Iowa Compilation (Cedar Falls)
  11. The Huns ” Sex Cannibal From Outer Space” / Rednecks Under The Moonlight (Iowa City)
  12. Tripmaster Monkey – “Valium” / Goodbye Race (Quad Cities)
  13. The Dangtrippers – “When Time Runs Out” / Days Between Stations (Iowa City)

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