Iowa Basement Tapes Broadcast #6 8-9-2018

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The Iowa State Fair is upon us and you would think that I would have made a playlist that had some correlation. Like maybe a playlist of bands from the all the different towns that have previously hosted the state fair (Des Moines, Fairfield, Muscatine, Oskaloosa, Iowa City, Dubuque, Burlington, Clinton, Keokuk).  But I didn’t. Instead, I have a 15-minute interview with one of Des Moines’ longest running punk bands, Die Mutts!

Die Mutts have been active for 17 years. That’s insane to think about. Broken Josh and Matt Mutt sat down with me at my home studio and we talked about they met at the now-closed gummi bear factory in Creston, Iowa along with the band’s evolution over nearly two decades (this was a run on sentence). I feel like I need to print a t-shirt that says “Die Mutts, the drunk skater punk you can count on”.

I also drop some tunes from the 5th Iowa Compilation, titled A Few Works After Drinks. This comp is available for free download from the Don’t you worry, I did find a place for some Deerslayer this week as well.

Happy State Fair!

Cheese curds & goat sticks


  1. Die Mutts – “Destroy You” / Old Videos (Des Moines)
  2. House of Large Sizes – “Tired of Feeling Good”  / My Ass-Kicking Life (Cedar Falls)
  3. Love Songs For Lonely Monsters – / The Des Moines 4 Track Compilation (Des Moines)
  4. Made Ya Look – “The Dreamers” / It’s Another Iowa Compilation – Uncharted Territories
  5. Otis – “Cranston” / A Few Works After Drink – Iowa Compilation Vol 5 (Davenport)
  6. Die Mutts – “Teenage Zombies” / Demo (Des Moines)
  7. Die Mutts – “Now We Skate” / Old Videos (Des Moines)
  8. Galleons Lap – “Lady Velvet” / Mystery (Quad Cities)
  9. Luxury – “Stupidest Thing” / Stupidest Thing (Des Moines)
  10. Tripmaster Money – “Straight From Atlantist” / A Few Works After Drink (Quad Cities)
  11.  Deerslayer – “Music Table 7” / Music Table (Cedar Rapids)
  12. Ted Cutler – “Crawl” / t’s Another Iowa Compilation – Uncharted Territories

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