Iowa Basement Tapes Broadcast #8 8-23-2018 | Guest: Bruce Bales

Night Listeners of 98.9 KFMG –

I don’t think there could be a more diverse show tonight. We got a track off the brand new self-titled LP from Son of the Morning, Des Moines’ newest doom occult band. From the ashes of The Horrors from Cedar Rapids comes CR Dicks (featuring both Andy Caffrey & Paul Cary). I also welcome Mr. Bruce Bales who is sort of the music video king of Iowa. He brings us his own playlist of tunes for us to check out including tracks from The Multiple Cat, Land of Blood and Sunshine, & Jack Lion. We also get a fun cameo from KFMG studio manager Gary Monte who chimes in with his history of eastern Iowa radio. The show closes out with a track off the newest Annalibera album, Opia.

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PS. The Dogs track goes out to Kyle Munson. Cuz I know he is listening.

  1. Son of the Morning – “The Wild Hunt” / Son of the Morning (Des Moines)
  2. CR Dicks – “Let Me Ride” / Go In (Cedar Rapids)
  3. The Dogs – “When A Young Man…” / Teen Slime (Decorah)
  4. Skamikazies – “8000 Watts” / Behold (Quad Cities)
  5. The Rockers – “There is a Pain” / There’s A Pain / Runaway (Sioux City)
  6. The Multiple Cat – “His Masters Voice” / The Return Of (Davenport)
  7. Deerslayer – “Left to Dry” / Guitar Cryer (Cedar Rapids)
  8. Person Whale – “The Hare” /Ain’t Punk No More (Des Moines)
  9. Land of Blood and Sunshine – “Fog Beat” / Phlegm Real (Marshalltown)
  10. Jack Lion – “Equal Time” / ION EP (Iowa City)
  11. Annalibera – “Help Yourself” / Opia (Des Moines)

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