Iowa Basment Tapes #15 10-11-18

Night Listeners of 98.9 FM KFMG –

Tonight I got stuck on a surf kick. The Afterdarks, Person Whale, and Steve Reverb & The Sound Tones all in the first 20 minutes. Person Whale has made its way into my heart. I love how sloppy the sound quality is and I wish more musicians would cut themselves some slack and let things sound a little more organic once and awhile. After much talk about my buddy Bensmasher (curator of, I finally got one of his recordings into the mix. Before I ever met Ben in person, we chatted on AOL Instant Messanger. He told me he had a “hippy industrial” project called Harm. When we met in person at Relics Records he gave me a copy. This was around 2003 and I wish to this day that he had recorded more material. At one point I had a remixed version of “Ten Red Months” that was more guitar-based vs the long ambient version that is on the album. When he first shared with me the 319 Dude Bandcamp archive, I asked him why Harm was not included and he told me “No one really knew I did this.”

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– Kristian

  1. The Afterdarks – “Be My Baby” / Rock N Roll Is Dead (Quad Cities)
  2. Mold – “Buzz” / Mold (Cedar Rapids)
  3. Person Whale – “Degradation Tape” / Ghost Balloon (Des Moines)
  4. Steve Reverb & The Sound Tones – “Montel Tiegs” / Tiki Run (Marion)
  5. Land of Blood and Sunshine – “Earth Fur” / AEONS (Marshalltown)
  6. Captain Three Leg – “Partly Cloudy” / All Fours (Ottumwa)
  7. Captain Three Leg – “Beneath The Wizard’s Secret Sleeve” / All Fours (Ottumwa)
  8. Harm – “Ten Red Months” – KDAY’s Radio Edit / Obduro Singultus (Cedar Rapids)
  9. Mister Clean – “Sydney’s Lumpy Moth Knob” / Screaming Queens and Chicken Wings (Cedar Rapids)
  10. Goldblums – “Wulf” / Gnat Bones (Des Moines)
  11. Full Fathom Five – “It Wasn’t Jesus” / The Cry of a Falling Nation (Iowa City)
  12. Gonn – “Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White” / Gonn With The Wind (Keokuk)
  13. Head Candy – “Words To Live By” / Starcaster (Iowa City)
  14. The Dogs – “Rot n Roll” / Teen Slime (Decorah)

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