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Things happen fast in today’s modern world. Last Sunday I was thinking to myself, “I would love to get back into the horror scene again.” On Tuesday, Marcus Koch (100 Tears /Rot) messages me on the old Facebook and asks if I had any music ready to go that could be used in the first installment of the new American Guinea Pig: Bouquet Of Guts And Gore. Luckily, I have tons because I make the most music when I don’t have any deadlines or legitimate purpose to do so.

This has a very special place in my heart because I remember picking up the original Guinea Pig Box Set back in 2004 or 2005 while I was living in Denver and going to school (I picked it up from a Best Buy nonetheless). The original film series was extremely difficult to watch and was surrounded by a lot of mythos regarding its origins. All of them shot on low budgets which gives them all a bit of grit.

The Guinea Pig films are something people seek out almost as if it is a test within themselves to watch. None of them can be considered cinematic masterpieces, but they hold something deep within themselves that can only be described as dangerous and transgressive.

After seeing the trailer with my music in it I realized that these tunes were meant for this film. All these Throbbing Gristle inspired sounds and Buddha Machine experiments that I had been sitting on for well over three years were destined for something unique.

The first film, Bouquet Of Guts And Gore was directed by Stephen Biro, makeup fx by Marcus Koch, and stars Jim Van Bebber, Rogan Russell Marshall, Scott Gabey, and Eight. Check out Unearthed Films for more info.

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