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Recommend Goods fidget cube blue fidget cube ease adhd, fidget cube blue Low Price Sale! - o Chen first took over, I and your mother did not get married. Do you fidget cube blue have not got married Duchi admits, tilted his head to think about it, as if to himself, no marriage seems to be unable to sleep together. Lu Hao Chen really could not help but laugh, the Du concept read fidget cube firebrick over to squeak her, people little devil, know quite much. Watching the slapstick of Lu Haochen and Du fidget cube green and black obsessed with, Du Xiaoxian heart suddenly filled with an inexplicable mood, and now if you are playing with the Du is that person, how good, but unfortunately, everything is gone The She thought, he should now have their own children He and his fidget cube blue children and so play it, he has forgotten her Forget it, so he can start a new life, and she will never forget.o not see me, I kiss you. She really fooled, eyelids slowly lifted, Gu Nianbin chuckle, scrape together You see me, I also want to kiss you. Said the warm lips end up. Du Xiaoxian frightened, busy back to hide You bully people Gu Nianbin laughed Thank goodness, you finally opened the mouth. Du Xiaoxian finally could not help but laugh. Well, since you do not want to rest, then we have a good talk about all the questions are open, I do not want your heart have the slightest doubts, I want you to believe fidget cube blue me wholeheartedly, unconditionally trust me, the same, I hope you But also make me believe you, unconditionally trust you, okay Du Xiaoxian hesitated, nodded his head. Gu Nianbin got up to the kitchen to soak up two cups of.

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Yaru said I admit that we are not right, since the wrong, can give us a chance to correct, Xiaoxian by a lot of bitter, so we have to be good Compensate her Do not know that she was born when the child was dystocia, directly from the delivery room into the operating room, almost lost half a life Obsessed when the two year old In order to feed the child, she wore a big sun in the street selling fruit, fidget cube blue the body of the skin layer of the skin off, and finally pull the child pull the child in the street, So big, and now you the original fidget cube have to grab The child is his life, you take the child away is equivalent to her life away, how can people so fidget cube blue no conscience A Yue brother do not say, Du Xiaoxian looked at him sadly Those are gone, I want.owan seriously said read Bin brother, you do not learn from me, hatred will ruin you, I have ruined, so do not care, but you are not fidget cube blue the same, you are Gu s president, you should be good to Gu s carry fidget cube fake vs real forward, inherited from generation to generation, this is what you should do, rather than use it to report you have a private hatred, it will play fire Gu Nianbin Lengheng soon I do not care But read Bin brother, Xia Xiaowan also want to persuade. Gu Nianbin hand lift, stop her, small Wan, married things iron nail, you can not change anything, unless you can in a short time to persuade your parents and my parents, otherwise everything can not change. Xia Xiaowan watched Gu Nianbin cold face, my heart filled with waves of me Do you know that this is illegal Lei brother Yin side of a smile, I was doing the law of the matter What do you want to do What is it Of course, is money Lei brother approached two steps, lifted her chin, smile some dirty up small looks pretty good, if you paternity was lonely, I can What about it He said this, Xia Xiaowan anger moment turned into fear, the body shook even more powerful As long as you do not hurt me, money no problem, beg you do not hurt me Lei Ge raised his fidget cube blue hand in the face of the ask, some sorry to say You see, are swollen, obediently obediently good, little bit of skin bitter ah Xia Xiaowan fidget cube blue goose bumps are up, but did not dare to resist, that rough fingers on her face to draw to go. I stare at yo.

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Fidget Cube Blue en Hou, Duhua Yue almost want to turn his eyes, Lu total, I have to go ah, I was a small fairy her brother, fidget cube blue my brother was bullied, I do not do this brother Lu Haochen let fidget cube blue Duhua Yue go with, is afraid of their own name is not true, so Gu Kanbin difficult words Du Xiaoxian, Du Huayue come forward to denounce, it is the most appropriate, but at least not on what influence Du Xiaoxian. Two from the night flight to the G city, a five years, once again into the city, think of the past bit by bit, Duhua is also quite feeling, if five fidget cube blue years ago fidget cube blue he did not encounter Du Xiaoxian, perhaps his life will not be Now so, but he glad that he and her encounter, because Du Xiaoxian, he tasted the taste of love. It can burn their own, no r.. Gu Nianbin said to push the door of the Secretary, a look only Zhou Ting, his brow wrinkled moment people Zhou Ting busy said Xiaoxian said a trip, and soon came back, I let Ding to accompany her to go, no matter. I heard a small Ding followed, Gu Nianbin calm down, let Zhou Ting to send two cups of tea come in, and Shao Baiqing into the inside of the office. A door, Shao Boqing asked Now how to do If you can not get the money, we fidget cube blue will be very passive, the original government project is very troublesome, but also the province personally asked, so go down ah Gu Nianbin sat down, took out the cigarette case, throwing a cigarette to him how do you see this Shao Boqing fidget cube design took out the fire machine point of the smoke, frowning.


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